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Motor Vehicle Accidents


motor vehicle accidents



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At Stephanie G Legal we are dedicated to ensuring that the burden of the economic costs of injuries is borne by those who are responsible for causing them. We will take the time to examine all of the factors in your case and pursue every option that you are legally entitled to. If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident involving a passenger car, motorcycle, or commercial vehicle, please contact us to discuss your rights and options.    

Motor vehicle accidents can be devastating. Even minor accidents can result in major damage to your health, property, and finances.  In addition to the physical trauma, there may be medical bills, costs for ongoing rehabilitation, lost wages due to time taken off work, lost prospective earnings due to an inability to return to work in the same capacity and in the worst circumstances, the tragic loss of a family member. Any combination of these factors can make a personal injury difficult to deal with. Having a compassionate and skilled attorney as an advocate in these matters can allow you to focus on what is truly most important - your own healing.