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Types of custody

Georgia recognizes both joint and sole custody and makes a distinction between legal custody and physical custody. Parents with joint legal custody share the decisions regarding the health care, education, religion, and hobbies of the child, though one parent can be assigned the right to make the decisions in a certain area. Joint physical custody means that both parents share the time spent with the child. Sole custody is also recognized, in which one parent has all of the responsibilities associated with legal custody and physical custody other than visitation or parenting time spent with the other parent. 


Divorce can be a time of upheaval and bring many changes for families, but it can also be a chance for a fresh start. As parents establish their new lives and households, they sometimes find that the orders outlined in the original divorce decree no longer address the needs of their new circumstances. Parents can be flexible to an extent, but modifications to child custody should be addressed legally when significant changes are made or parents may find themselves without recourse if a problem or dispute arises. Changes to the orders outlined in a divorce judgement are called modifications, and again courts will consider the best interests of the child among other factors in awarding a modification.

At Stephanie G. Legal we recognize the need for a holistic review of all of all of the factors that can be affected by modification and can help you understand the implications and potential outcomes of your situation.  


contempt proceedings

We all hope that the adults will behave like adults, but parents don’t always comply with the orders handed down by the court after a divorce. On the other hand, parents may find themselves in a situation in which they are prevented from complying due to circumstances that are beyond their control. Contempt proceedings are intended to enforce the terms outlined in the original divorce decree. No matter what your situation is, Stephanie G. Legal will work to resolve your disputes in a timely and equitable manner.