Stephanie G. Johnson Legal
Stephanie G. Johnson Legal

Our Philosophy

Passion. Experience. Diligence.

The Stephanie G. Philosophy



Your legal matter is very important to you, right? Of course it is.  And that makes it an absolute priority to us.  As a client-centered practice, nothing matters more than client satisfaction.  So we strive to provide you with the best results possible by using a simple, but vital, method.  Our method ensures that your legal matter is well researched, well prepared, and well executed.  First, we know the law and continue to educate ourselves on legal updates.  Second, we listen to your expectations, needs, and suggestions and determine resourceful, practical, and creative solutions. 

That’s our commitment to excellence.  That’s our commitment to quality.  And that’s our commitment to you. 


Most of our clients are in crisis mode when they call our office.  They expect us to drop everything and cater to their immediate needs.  And we do.  Because we care. Because we understand humanity.  Because we know you deserve peace of mind.  And because YOU are our priority.  

Prospective clients are concerned that attorneys have huge caseloads; and, therefore the attorney they hire will not be able to give the appropriate attention to their case.  We don’t have that issue.  Simply put, we do not take on more cases than we can handle.  Quality over quantity – every day.  Why?  Because it takes time to handle the nuts and bolts of each case.  It takes time to maintain communication with each of our clients.  And it takes time to build an authentic relationship with each client.  And that is most important to us.  Yes, you’ve guessed correctly:  because we care.


We can agree that it is much easier to place your trust in an experienced attorney – especially when this attorney has to speak on your behalf before a judge or jury. 

As the saying goes: 

Law is a practice.  And there are two types of attorneys that practice law.  Amateurs & Professionals.  Amateurs practice until they get it right.  Professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong. 

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is not amateur hour.  Our professionals are trained litigators that have actual jury trial experience.  We pride ourselves in our deeply rooted commitment to tenaciously and zealously fight for our clients.  We are your voice.  And when it comes to advocating for you, we don’t whisper or exercise our right to remain silent.  The truth is, no responsible attorney can guarantee they’ll win every case.  But our experienced professionals fight to win every case.  And if we lose (and we are sore losers), we only go down swinging. 


Let's Get Started

Stephanie G. Legal  knows that finding the right attorney to represent you is a serious decision. That’s why we offer low cost consultations to walk you through your needs, the scope of your goals, and your budget.  We are dedicated to maintaining high quality (and not highway robbery) representation.  So in that vein, once you hire us, we happily deduct your entire consultation fee from your rate.  We're not math geniuses, but based on our calculations, that amounts to a FREE consultation.  

We extend free case consultations to criminally accused clients & personal injury clients.  Click the link below to:

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Managing Attorney

Stephanie G. Johnson

Call me Stephanie G.  I'm the founder of this company.  And we are not your typical law firm.  We define ourselves as a specialty legal company that focuses on Family Law Litigation and Criminal Defense Litigation.  We have progressively leveraged our company by integrating innovative technology into our business model, which allows us to (1) offer competitive rates without compromising our superior work product, (2) spend substantially more time and resources working on your case, and (3) maintain a competitive advantage in the market by spending more time where it counts - With You.

Our work is personal to me.  Prior to establishing Stephanie G. Legal, I was a public servant, litigating cases for an indigent population.  I was the voice for those abandoned by society.  I successfully advocated for the underdog by out thinking my opponent, using a combination of intellect and raw creativity.  Now, the goal is to transfer the same platform to the consumer market.  But Stephanie G. Legal is purposely structured to be non-conventional.  In fact - 

Our vision is to reform the traditional practice of law.  Our position is that the existing system and methods do not work.  Hence, we're comprised of knowledgeable and analytical non-traditionalists, whom prioritize customer service, technological innovation, and superior legal acumen over "nickel-and-diming" our clients.  We have ditched the administrative distractions, such as billable hours and massive printed files, so that we can make your needs our FOCAL point.  #LetsGetLawRight

Stephanie G Legal
Stephanie G Legal


Juris Doctor, 2013


Activities & Affiliations

  • Assistant Coach - Newton County H.S. Mock Trial Team
  • Member - Georgia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • Member - Young Lawyers Division (State Bar of GA)
  • Graduate - (The Exclusive) Bill Daniel Trial Advocacy Program
  • Member - BSF (Bible Study Fellowship)

Bar Admission

  • Georgia